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Get a Better, Custom Facebook Address

If you have a Facebook for your business, or even for yourself, you may have noticed that the url address to get to your page is long and has a bunch of numbers. What you need is a shorter, easier to remember address.

For example, the Facebook address for Neighborhood Image is

So how do you get you this super special address? It’s easy.

  • Log into Facebook and go to your page.
  • Click on the button that says “Edit Page” (up near the top, right-hand corner) and you should see a bunch of options.
  • Click on “Basic Information” on the left-hand side.
  • You should see an option in the middle of the page that says “Username”.
  • Click on the option and go through the options to get your new, shorter, easy to remember, address to your Facebook page.

A couple notes - You must have at least 25 “Likes” to your page before you can claim a custom address. Also, be sure about the name, because once you have chosen a name, it is yours for life. There is no way to change it (at least for now).

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help you out.

New Site for Children Services

We recently (ok, it’s actually been a couple months now) launched a new website for Marion County Children Services. The agency has been a client for a long time and was in need of a fresh look that was more easily updated.

The public agency’s funding, not unlike the rest of us, has been shrinking and they are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. The new design gives them a greater, and easier, ability to edit and update their own site. This saves them time and money as well as allowing them an easier way to publicize their events and programs.

Click here to take a look at the new(ish) Marion County Children Services website.

Facebook Profile vs. Page – Use the Right Type

If you’ve ever gone to what you thought was a business page on Facebook only to see a button that says “Add as Friend,” then you’ve just witnessed a violation of Facebook’s terms. It doesn’t really mean anything to you, but this business or organization is in danger of being shut down by Facebook. We’ve noticed lots of local organizations who have unwittingly violated the rules.

Here is what Facebook says about businesses using a profile instead of a page. Click to see a larger view.

If you are one of those who accidentally went the route of creating a personal profile rather than a business page, there are only two options. Well, three actually, but the third is a really bad idea.

First, you can start up an actual page on Facebook and then tell all of your current friends to “Like” the new page. After a certain amount of time, you would shut down the “illegal” personal profile. This works, but takes time and not everyone will hop over.

Second, you can simply migrate your current profile to a business page. This is automatic, and permanent, and means that all of your current friends will still be on your new page. Again, this is a permanent change so DO NOT test the migration with your own personal Facebook page. Only do this with the profile you use for your business or organization.

Third, you can just keep doing what you’re doing and “hope” that Facebook won’t catch you. This is a bad idea. If you are shut down, you won’t get a warning. It will just happen. Then all of the work you’ve put into building your community will be lost.

So, we recommend the second option. As we said, it’s quick, saves (most) of your information and all of your fans.

The reason we say most is that your photo albums will not be moved, just those in the Profile Photos section, so you will have to save those manually. You can find details on saving your photos by clicking here. You may also lose previous wall posts. At least one person has also reported losing an event they had created when they were still a profile.

The important thing is that you maintain your audience and avoid having to rebuild that valuable resource for your organization.

To migrate your Profile to a Page, click here.

You’ll notice you have several options. The vast majority of users will be happy choosing “Local Business or Location” or “Company, Organization, or Institution.”

Once you’ve migrated, make sure to go through all the options available by clicking on the “Edit Page” button.

If you have any questions or need pointed in the right direction, just let us know. You can also find lots of information on Facebook by going here.

Recently Launched: Crawford-Marion ADAMH

We’ve been super swamped over here in the Neighborhood! Lots and LOTS of big projects we’ve been working on, which is all very exciting… but it’s also time consuming. So we’ve been keeping our nose to the grindstone these last few months doing what we do best.

Today I’m happy to present to you the new website for the Crawford-Marion Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMH). We worked closely with this fantastic organization to design and develop a clean, contemporary website upgrade from their previous design.

Like almost all of our websites, this was designed and built with a content management system, giving the agency the ability to maintain their site in-house. Both pages and news items are up-datable by the client using a simple, easy-peasy software that is much like editing a Word document!

Take a look at their new website – click here!

We’re moving on up! (Quite literally!)

Some of our clients know our current office is pretty modest. And by modest I mean that we’re in the basement. In what feels like a cave. With no one but ourselves. And really, 4 days out of the week it’s just Sean… so yeah. Things can get pretty lonely!

But we’re happy to announce that soon we’ll be moving up – literally! An opportunity has come up for us to get out of this windowless cave we’ve called home and move to the 2nd floor. (cue the Jefferson’s theme song, because it’s what comes to mind when we think about moving up a few levels:)

Our new digs are still under construction, but I snuck upstairs to take some pictures to share while things are in-between.  We’re really looking forward to being out of the basement. Because let’s face it: basements, no matter how nice, are just kind of creepy.

View of the front office into the back office

The back office, complete with our favorite thing: THE WINDOW!

Our soon-to-be new view of the Busby Park, which looks really sparse since it’s winter.

Thanks for taking a quick tour with me :)

7 Tips for Effective Online Advertising

Can I share a secret with you? It absolutely drives me crazy to see a local business take the plunge into the online advertising world with a banner ad that won’t get results! What’s the point in advertising online if you are failing right from the start with a banner ad that fails to attract attention and deliver? Without an effective banner ad design you’re throwing your money away. Sure, your banner ad may have come up into the rotation x amount of times… but are you getting any real result?

Here are 7 ways you can make your online advertising more effective:

  • Less is more. Your text on your ad should be short and sweet, not long and wordy.
  • Know your customers. Your main goal in online advertising is to get viewers to click on your ad and get to your website where you can sell them further on whatever products or services you have. Think like your customers – think about things in your field that your customers would be interested in or would like to learn more about – and then use that to your advantage.
  • Ask questions, then answer them. “Are you tired of high heating bills?” might be something Joe Blow’s HVAC would use. The question gets the customer thinking about something they’re having a problem with (the high heating bills). Joe’s might then follow up the question with an answer: “Let us cut your bills in half!”
  • Never underestimate the power of free. Give away something for free, and then advertise it. Maybe it’s a coupon for a free cup of coffee with the purchase of another one. Maybe it’s “buy 3 tires and get the 4th one free.” People like getting things for free, and putting your ad out there with that magical 4-letter word will certainly up your clicks.
  • Just ask them already. Ads with the “Click Here!” phrase get clicked on significantly more than those without it. Crazy, huh?
  • Link it right. There’s nothing worse than clicking a link to something, thinking that you’d be taken to the exact information you wanted, only to have to hunt and search the website for what you wanted. Make sure your ad links to the right place and save your customers from playing an online scavenger hunt.
  • Change frequently. Using the same ad over and over and over again gets old, and customers will stop paying attention to you. You don’t have to come up with a whole new advertisement… you just need a refresh on the old one. Your promotion can be the same – just change some things around. A new color, a little re-arrangement, or maybe some fresh text can do a world of good!

Turning Point’s Upgrade

I’m really excited to blog about this one! This one is a classic example of what we do – Turning Point was in dire need of a new website. The previous version was not only old and outdated – it was for all intents and purposes useless for them because they couldn’t even update it!

We worked closely with Carol at Turning Point to implement their vision into a cohesive, user-friendly website that can grow as they grow. Some features of their new site include a better content management system and an upgraded photo gallery so they can showcase photos from their events around our community.

I’m really proud to have been able to work on this site. Domestic violence is serious stuff, and its imperative for an agency like Turning Point to have a website that works for its users and is easy to navigate.

Carol was kind enough to send us this review and I wanted to share:

Turning Point has just launched an updated website that would not have been possible without the assistance of Candice and Sean of Neighborhood Image.  They worked with me during the entire process showing a vast amount of patience for someone who know what she wanted but didn’t know how to do it.

Candice designed and redesigned our site until it was exactly what we wanted and then instructed me (in very simple terms) as to how to add and update news articles, events and photos.  We are so pleased with the result and are now proud to send people to our site for information about our agency and the issue of domestic violence.

In addition, Turning Point runs a monthly banner ad on Marion Online.  Candice reminds me when they need changed and takes my concepts and makes them exactly what I imagined them to be.

I would recommend Candice and Sean to anyone who has public relations/marketing technology needs.

Carol Kientz

Community Education Director
Turning Point

Recently Launched: Goldrush Jewelers

Not too long ago we had the pleasure of working with local jewelry store Goldrush Jewelers to design and develop a website for their business. They wanted something clean and in their black and gold colors, and we delivered!

The new site features information about their store as well as a section for their current specials. Take a look at their new online home: click here!

Labor Day Holiday Hours

Just a quick note: Our office will be closed on Monday, September 6th for Labor Day. We hope everyone has a safe, fun, and relaxing holiday weekend!

(We’re also looking forward to the Popcorn Festival and all that delicious-but-heart-attack-inducing food that starts next week… how about you?)

Don’t get scammed!

Just received today:  a letter from Domain Registry of America! They’d like kindly remind us that we have a few domain names set to expire within the next few months. How nice of them! (You can click on the image to the left for an example of what these letters look like)

This letter can be really deceiving if you don’t pay close attention to what you’re reading.  In the middle of the third paragraph is hidden the words “This notice is not a bill.” I don’t know about you, but it sure looks like they’re trying to pass it off as one!

A little research turned up this lovely bit on the Domain Registry of America’s (DROA) business practices courtsey of the FTC:

DROA is a re-seller of domain name registration services for a company called eNom, Inc. (eNom), an accredited registrar of Internet domain names. It allegedly conducts business by sending mass-marketed direct mail to U.S. consumers, soliciting them to transfer their domain name registrations from their current Internet domain name registrar to eNom. According to the FTC, DROA’s mail solicitations to consumers appear to be renewal notices or invoices from the consumers’ current registrars, advising them that their domain names are about to expire, and requesting payment for “renewal” of the domain name registration. The Commission contends that DROA has mailed millions of such “renewal” notices captioned “IMPORTANT NOTICE,” to urge consumers to act quickly to avoid “Register Lock” or “loss of your online identity.” The company further warns, according to the FTC, that if consumers “lose their domain name” it may be “impossible for you to get it back.”

Not only are they scamming you into thinking you need to renew your domain name with their company… they’re also charging you more for it, too! If you receive one of these letters in the mail, ignore it and trash it!

The full FTC press release on the company can be found here

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